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Cédric Tamani

From Switzerland. Meet Cédric.

Cédric Tamani’s passion for photography started in 2002 with wildlife photography in the African bush. Observing these animals in their natural environment create great emotions and deep satisfaction to him.

His approach is to compose strong, challenging and plain art and to seduce the viewer. The major challenge in photography is to create simple and expressive art. 

Cédric’s deep passion for photography drives him in his explorative and interpretive process. He gets inspired from unique places all over the world and the creativity and talent that exist in the photography world.

He was a jury member at the „Brasil Photo Awards 2022“ and at the „One Eyeland World’s Top10 Black & White Photographers 2022“.

Multi-Award Photography Contests Winner


-   Runner-Up at the „Nature Photographer of the Year 2022“ in the category „Human and Nature“ 

-   Second at the “International Landscape Photograph of the Year 2021”         

-   Overall second at the „One Eyeland World’s Top10 Black & White Photographers 2021“

-   Bronze medal at the “Monochrome Awards 2021” in the category “Nature”

-   Four photographs awarded at the „Pano Awards 2022“