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Flamingo Airport


Flamingo airport - Runner-Up at the „Nature Photographer of the Year 2022“ in the category „Human and Nature“


The area around the salt mines of Swakopmund in Namibia is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary and has become a popular habitat for thousands of flamingos, cormorants, sea gulls, damara terns and pelicans.

Flamingos stay in salt mines, because there they find food like crayfish, mollusks and insects or seaweed.

So, as we were flying high over this area, I hoped to photograph the beautifully saturated colours of the salt mines and some flamingos from above.

And I wasn’t disappionted, the colours were so intense, that I screamed three times "wow" during the flight. When a small group of flamingos was just below us, the magic was perfect. I pressed the trigger of the camera several times, hoping that the pictures would be sharp. And luckily, they were and that very special moment with the start of the flamingos in a fascinating environment was caught in this photograph.                                           

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