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Introducing Ikona

Ikona believes that modern times require moving with the times and delivering art in a progressive and accessible way.


Our Solution

Being the first company in the industry, we have implemented an innovative solution that uses the latest trends in blockchain technology, providing several additional benefits such as security, authenticity, and transparency.

We believe that sensitivity to beauty is not reserved only for the privileged.

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Our Technology

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, Ikona also allows investing and patronizing our works and artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ikona Inc?

ikona is modern art gallery workshop which main goal is to deliver highest possible quality art-prints from outstanding artist that secures their intellectual property and proves authenticity of this artwork

How do you secure this artwork?

Ikona secures every piece of artwork using our in-house invented soultion based on authenticity token on blockchain network.

What is the authenticity token?

Authenticity token is Non-fungible-token(NFT) that is created(minted) at the same time as print is produced. It keeps information about the author, print number, size, paper and much more.

But how does the authenticity token secure physical print?

Every physical print has NFC(RFID) sticker with information about blockchain address of minted NFT. This solution is based on idea that one NFT represents one physical copy.

When I receive my token?

You will be automatically eligible to receive the token after 14-days return policy ends. You can recive your authenticity token earlier if you agree to resign from 14-days policy ends.